„We should not pity another person, far better we help them.”(Maxim Gorki)

Samira Samii is the initiator of the “Augenblick Mal!” Project.

She has also worked honorary as ambassador for the German international and World Champion Per Mertesacker’s charitable foundation, which focuses in particular on helping children in need and promoting youth sports.

Kids-Clinic in Munich 2020: Samira Samii supported Kids-Clinics during Covid-19 at Christmas Time.

Flood Victims in Iran 2019: FC Bayern Munich supported Dr. Samira Samii helping flood-Victims in Iran.

Flood Victims in Iran 2019: Dr. Samira Samii supported many people in the flood regions with rain cloths & boots.

Orphanage Iran & Germany 2018: Visit of Dr. Samira Samii supported by FC Bayern Munich.

Orphanage Iran/Tehran 2017: Dr. Samira Samii supported the children from disadvantaged families.

Orphanage Munich 2016: Visit of Samira Samii to the orphanage Munich. She was supported by FC Bayern Munich.

Orphanage Munich 2015: Visit of sport-manager Samira Samii and World Champion Klaus Augenthaler to the orphanage Munich. As every year Samira Samii surprises the children in the Munich orphanage and she was supported this time by World Champion Klaus Augenthaler and FC Bayern München.

On 10.10.2012 Samira Samii was honored as Woman of the Year  2012 by TRIALOG AWARD in the category Sport Management & Charity.

Samira Samii is Honorary President of Aymen Bouchhioua-Project.

She is a honorary member of Never Walk Alone e. V.

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