„We should not pity another person, far better we help them.”
(Maxim Gorki)

  • Samira Samii is the initiator of the “Augenblick Mal!” Project.
  • She is ambassador of Autism Foundation.
  • She has also worked honorary as ambassador for the German international and World Champion Per Mertesacker’s charitable foundation, which focuses in particular on helping children in need and promoting youth sports.
  • She is a honorary member of Never Walk Alone e. V”.

Iran Charity 2023

Dr. Samira Samii, together with her sister, Dr. Sunny Samii a children’s aid project in Iran. For this purpose, they organized and distributed a weekly healthy meal for children in need.

Urkaine Charity 2022

Dr. Samii and her family organized emergency assistance (clothes and shoes donation box) to children and families in Ukraine affected by the conflict.

Autism Foundation Iran 2021

She supported kids during pandemic in emotional health & helped families affected by Autism.

Kids-Clinic in Munich 2020

Samira Samii supported kids-Clinics during Covid-19 at Christmas Time. Every Christmas season children’s Kids-hospital in Munich is flooded with gift donations. She delivered carloads of new toys, puzzles, games, books, electronics, sports equipment, art supplies, cosmetics, blankets, and clothing for sick children.

Autism Foundation Iran 2019

Visit of Dr. Samira Samii supported by her father Professor Dr. Samii and sponsored by FC Bayern Munich.

Flood Victims in Iran 2019

FC Bayern Munich supported Dr. Samira Samii helping flood-Victims in Iran. She could get items that meet unique needs for development, special populations, and their cleaning requirements, these items were often not found in stores.

Flood Victims in Iran – Kids 2019

Dr. Samira Samii supported children in the flood regions with rain cloths & boots. she donated time and material during this time to children in need.

Orphanage Iran/Germany 2018

Visit of Dr. Samira Samii supported by FC Bayern Munich.

Orphanage Iran/Tehran 2017

Dr. Samira Samii supported the “ASEMAN” kids from disadvantaged families. ” There’s warmth and there’s kindness and there’s love in place of those other things, and that’s something as a community, especially areas with low-income families, it’s something that is a life-changing thing I can say from firsthand experience,” she said.

Orphanage Munich 2016

Visit of  Samira Samii to the orphanage Munich. She was supported by FC Bayern Munich.

Orphanage Tehran 2016

Visit of  Samira Samii to the orphanage Tehran. She provided toys, school supplies and hygiene essentials to kids in need around in Tehran.

Orphanage Munich 2015

Visit of sport-manager Samira Samii and World Champion Klaus Augenthaler to the orphanage Munich. As every year Samira Samii surprises the children in the Munich orphanage and she was supported this time by World Champion Klaus Augenthaler and FC Bayern München.

Trialog Award 2012

On 10.10.2012 Samira Samii was honored as Woman of the Year 2012 by “TRIALOG AWARD” in the category Sport Management & Charity.

Aymen Bouchhioua Chariry 2011

Samira Samii is Honorary President of Aymen Bouchhioua-Project.

Emotional Care Charity 2010

Joint Project with Sten Bens to support Soccer-Players in the development of Mental-Strength.

Augenblick Mal! in Iran 2009

Joint Project with her Lawyer Christiane Umhau to help “Blind Children” supported by her father Professor Dr. Hossein Samii.
For children living in poverty, there are often no resources to address urgent medical needs, and health complications can be disastrous for a family already struggling. Her donation to the Urgent Medical Needs made a big difference in the life of a suffering children.

Health Media Award 2009

With her charity project Augenblick Mal! she donated medical help to kids in need. Be it nutrition, healthcare, protection, education, and response in the time of emergencies, Save the Children has been on the forefront, reshaping the lives of millions of children.

b2d-Schalke Arena 2008

Augenblick Mal! Project “Save the children” of homeless families. As a nonprofit project she gave families experiencing homelessness a chance to start a new productive life in safe and secure homes. This donation was with usable household goods such as beds and furniture, appliances, kitchenware, dishes, linens, bedding, and even toys and games for children.

MHH-Clinic Hannover 2007

Samira Samii relied on donations of new toys, books, stuffed animals, craft materials and other gifts throughout the year, not just at the holidays. Herewith she helped children and families feel at home.

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