Best Sport-Marketing-Manager 2008/2009

Samira Samii received an international award as “BEST SPORT-MARKETING MANAGER” of the Gulf-Region.

Woman of the year 2012

Samira Samii has been named “WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2012” in Austria. She received the coveted award in SPORT & CHARITY.

Woman of the year 2014

Samira Samii has been named “WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2014” in in category Woman in Business.

Fashion Icon 2017/2018

International Fashion Magazines awarded Samira Samii as “FASHION ICON”.

Woman in Charity 2019

With her charity project “AUGENBLICK MAL!”, Samira Samii has been honored for supporting institutions for autistic children and received the “WOMAN IN CHARITY” award in Iran.

Charity Lady 2019

The Iranian Flood Victims Organisation has awarded Dr. Samii the “CHARITY LADY AWARD” for her fast, comprehensive and personal support of the flood victims.

Style-Icon 2020

Dr. Samira Samii honored als Style-Icon.

Best Female Entrepreneur 2021

Dr. Samii has been honored by the well-known Woman Entrepreneur Magazine and received the title of “BEST FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR”.

Successful Iranian Woman 2021

Samii has been named the most influential German-Persian lady in Soccer World by “Successful Magazine”.

Manager of the year 2022

Samii wins her second Manager of the year Award.

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