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Samira Samii is cosmopolitan and is at home in many parts of the world. She is very familiar with the different cultures and she combines many traditions of the world.
Samii Samii was born into the royal family of Persia & grew up in the South of France and Canada.

She studied in Germany and graduated in International Tourism Management with a focus on marketing and industry. In addition to her studies in Germany, she completed an international university degree which is a MBA in sports management at one of the most well-known universities in Canada. Dr. Samira Samii graduated her university studies with HONORS. Additionally she has a doctorate in “International Sport Management”.

Dr. Samira Samii comes from a highly respected Persian family. Her mother’s family belonged to the nobility and was the royal family in Persia for generations. Professor Dr. med. Hossein Samii, Samira´s father, is a worldwide well-known eye surgeon. The Samiee (Samii) family is a prestigious international & old medical dynasty, which by Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. mult. Madjid Samii even got awarded a Nobel medal and the Federal Cross of Merit.


Social Media Sites

Dear friends & Business Partners,
We would like to inform you that Samira Samii has not released any Social Media sites except INSTAGRAM!
In case you will find “Samira Samii” on other Social Media sites, it is a fake.


Dear fans, dear Business-Partnes,
We would like to inform you that Wikipedia pages of Samira Samii (in all languages) are not correct (e.g. Date of birth, etc.), incomplete and partly untrue!!!


Samira Samii is the initiator of the project “Augenblick Mal!”


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